The executive presence of women has grown 1.4%
over the last 18 months

Compared to our previous survey published 18 months ago, this survey finds that the presence of female executives in large companies continues to grow at various paces across all industries and on all continents.

A silent movement, representing a steady ascent of women in executive positions, is ongoing. 

The presence of women in Chief Executive Officer (CEO) positions remains by far the weakest with only 9% of CEO positions at large companies filled by women. The presence of women on large companies’ Board of Directors is slightly higher, at 13%, and the presence of women in senior management positions is higher still, at 18%. 

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The executive presence of women in large companies (those exceeding $100 million in annual revenue) around the world has grown 1.4% over the last 18 months.  

Out of the 40 executive roles, the highest presence of women is at the Vice President, Communications position, where 44% of these positions are filled by women, followed by the Vice President, Investor Relations position, which is 35% filled by women.

The lowest presence of women, at 6%, is in the Chairperson of the Board position.

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As part of research associated with this study, most CEOs (men and women) we contacted cited challenges finding seasoned women executives in their industries.

There seems to be a great opportunity for other industries to welcome seasoned women executives coming for the following pool of six industry sectors, where women senior managers are relatively better represented: Cosmetics, Legal services, Luxury goods, Market Research, Movies and Publishing.

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