Reduce your customer risks and boost your company's success


Worried about relying too much on a few customers, successful business owner Mark is taking steps to diversify his company. He has a plan to expand into the consumer electronics and food industries to reduce risk and take advantage of new opportunities. Here's how Mark is making it happen:


Step 1: Mark is setting up weekly alerts to keep track of his main customers' actions.

This helps him anticipate market changes and make informed decisions. Setting up global alerts  for both local subsidiaries and the entire group is easy and convenient with his free access.


Step 2: Mark collaborates with his 4 sales managers to lock their top 500 prospects.

They all have VIP access, which grants them unlimited org charts and enables them to search key decision takers in the consumer electronics, consumer goods, and food industries. They can easily download this valuable information in Excel.


Step 3: Mark incorporates the 500 target org charts into his company's CRM.

This valuable information allows him to streamline the sales process and improve targeting. With our REST API, each org chart and executive biography can be updated on demand in his company's data lake. 

Take action now to secure the future of your company. Enjoy all these features and more with our VIP memberchip for just 1999 € a year (The 5 accesses for Mark and his 4 managers are included).

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